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I am Aurora. On first glance you may consider me to be an innocent little nymph. A delicate, angelic visage of uncharted territory.

I am a valued prize due to the elusive virginal quality I possess. The most sought after qualities of female kind are those which define me.

Many have noted my Oriental features, with wide almond shaped eyes, and pearly white skin. You’ll agree, I am exotic to the nth degree.

I’m the exotica. I’m the erotica. I know you’ve been searching for someone like me. I’m the human version of a Chinese Ming Vase.

But make no mistake. As youthful and doll-like as I may seem, I have a sensual explosion of fire and passion inside. I’m no weak breeze. I’m a hurricane when the situation calls for it.

I possess an ethereal quality, call it elusive, call it mysterious. Admit it - everyone wants something rare.

My superpower lies in my ability to switch from the dainty woodland fairy, into the Oriental Empress of your wildest dreams. With every stroke of my hands, you’ll experience the rolling waves of pleasure, building up like a Tsunami of hot, decadent bliss.

Don’t miss out on an opportunity to exit your comfort zone, fortified through the unity of our vibrating bodies. You’ll feel it all in real time, but you’ll take home the memories, no one can take away the scene of me holding you as you gasp in bliss. That’s what will be with you forever in your mind. And if you want it again, you know where to find me.

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4 Little Lions Head Road
Hout Bay
Cape Town
South Africa

23 years
167 cm
52 kg
Bra Size
Pubic Hair
Rate per hour
ZAR 1,900 /hour
Minimum Duration
1.0 hour(s)
Massage Type
Available Location
Studio & Mobile

-34.018953115139, 18.349681755945