Tantric Massage therapist near me

Book South Africa's Best Erotic Massage Therapists

Booking a massage therapist is simple:

  1. Choose a massage therapist from our directory
  2. Contact the number listed in the profile
  3. Inquire about availability on your desired date
  4. Select an alternative date, or an alternative therapist on a fixed date, if your preference is not available



Arrive on time. This is the prerequisite for having a great experience. If you are late, you will cause a chain reaction for your massage therapist and her or his following clients. Don't be surprised if your session finishes at the allocated time. This is the only way to prevent problems for everyone else.

No Show

Being a no-show is simply rude. Cancelling last minute is just as unacceptable. Other massage clients could have enjoyed the services of your therapist, but can't because of you. Your cancellation also has a direct financial impact on the massage therapist. Booking penalties for a no-show may apply.

Black List

Repeated no-shows will be put on a black list.