Erotic Massage

A sensual massage or erotic massage are one of the most beautiful and exciting experiences a man, woman or couple can have. Given that you are nude or exposed, it is an experience where the choice of masseuse, or masseur, is anything but trivial. The right therapist can create magic. The wrong therapist will result in frustration and anxiety. Our massage directory provides an overview of massage therapists in South Africa. We cover private massage therapists, massage studios, spas and salons. An adult massage can give you better sexual health and wellbeing — if you find the right masseuses or masseurs. We would like to assist in the vital journey of finding your favorite specialist.

Our directory provides an overview of talented male and female massage therapists, providing this type of massage in South Africa.

A variety of massage services are offered in South Africa. We would like to give brief introduction of some of these therapies:


We provide an overview of spas, studios, salons as well as talented male and female massage therapist in the Rainbow Nation.

Nude Massage

Most of the treatments sought in this directory are a nude massage, an exciting form of adult massage. Sensuality and erotica take place in the head. Sensual massages or erotic massages on the other hand are physical and involve the sensations vision, smell and of course touch. These experiences are always a nude massage. If you are concerned about nudity, these experiences will be difficult to provide. If you are comfortable in your body, either therapy will be a fabulous experience.

Adult Massage

In our directory you will find a suitable masseuse or masseur which will provide a naked or nude massage. These treatments include Nuru and body slides.

Private Massage

The industry distinguishes between a private and a spa massage. A private massage therapist works for herself or himself. They are not employed by a spa or studio. In general, a private masseuse or masseur is more flexible with her or his time. A spa masseuse works in a more structured environment. A spa session needs to be completed in a timely manner, otherwise a domino effect will happen for all following appointments.


View adult massage therapists, salons, spas and studios by city:


If you are not close to one of these metropolitan cities, don't despair. Many of the massage practitioners and masseuses are willing to travel. The location could be a hotel, office or your residence. A massage within the four walls of your own home may increase your comfort factor, especially if this would be your first session. Travel fees will probably apply, but the experience should be most satisfying.

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Please keep in mind that we are a marketing directory, not a massage service provider. We only provide a platform to advertise massage services. You cannot book erotic massages or sensual massages through us. Please contact the masseuse or masseur of your choice directly, via the contact information in their profile.